Christmas Campfire Bonus Episode

Here’s the bonus episode to fill the Season 1 break. We’re rolling back to the Christmas tradition that’s little upheld in modern times of sitting around the fire and telling creepy stories. This episode features stories sent to me from listeners especially for the episode. Ho Ho Ho.


Krampus & Co.

This week is the final episode of 2017 and the final episode of Season 1. We take a look at some of the folklore behind Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas and specifically, his band of little helpers, who have a much darker history than the elves of today might let on.


Josh Maddux: The Boy in the Chimney

This week we go true crime and take a look at a case of “accidental death” which appears to be anything but. Joshua Maddux went missing in 2008 and seven years later, was found in the chimney of a cabin just two blocks from his home. The question remains, how did he get there?


The Pimlico Poisoning

In the early hours of New Year’s morning, 1886, Adelaide Blanche Bartlett roused her landlord in Pimlico, London with a few simple words: “come down, I think Mr Bartlett is dead”. During the following days, a postmortem was conducted and evidence found of a large quantity of Chloroform in the stomach of the deceased, however, there were no signs of how it had been ingested. In the words of the Attorney General who oversaw the inquest: “How came the Chloroform there?”


Peter Stumpp: The Werewolf of Bedburg

This episode we take a look at the tale of Peter Stumpp. a man known as the Werewolf of Bedburg, who made a pact with the devil in trade for the ability to turn into a werewolf. We dig a little into the history of the folklore behind werewolves and have a look at the popular theories for the tale.


Terri Hoffman & The Black Lords

This week is a monster episode, detailing the life of Terri Hoffman, the leader of a cult called Conscious Development of Body Mind and Soul, who fought Black Lords in the spiritual realm and on the side, benefitted financially from a dozen mysterious deaths.


The Hinterkaifeck Murders

Working from contemporary German primary sources, this week we go in deep and take a look at the mysterious case of the Hinterkaifeck murders, a gruesome event from Germany in 1922, surrounded by suspicion and intrigue, but never solved.


The Fire from Within: Spontaneous Human Combustion

In this episode, we dig into the history of Spontaneous Human Combustion and take a look at several historical cases dating from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, along with the theories of the times. We then jump forward and have a look at two modern cases, that of Mary Reeser in Florida, and Michael Faherty from Galway, Ireland.


The Devils Footprints of 1855

In this episode, we get back to Victorian times again. This time to take a look at the phenomena known as “the devil’s footprints”. A trail of unexplained footprints in the snow that appeared overnight, travelled for huge distances and resembled hooves but seemed to walk upright…


Hagley Wood: Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm?

In 1943, four young boys, out poaching in Hagley Wood Came across a large Wych Elm. One of the boys begun climbing the tree to look for birds eggs. He looked down to find the tree was hollow. Inside the blackness of the broad trunk there was no trace of any nests, instead he saw a human skull staring blankly back at him.


Charles Walton: The Pitchfork Murder

In this episode, we go back to 1945, the last breaths of WWII, to detail a grisly murder of a 74-year-old man which takes a bizarre turn into the realms of folklore and still to this day remains unsolved. Known as the pitchfork murder or the witchcraft murder, this is the case of the murder of Charles Walton, on 14th February 1945 in Lower Quinton, England.


Tamam Shud: The Somerton Man Mystery

In 1948, the body of a man was found on Somerton beach, Adelaide, Australia. All identification marks had been removed from his clothing and to this day the man’s identification and cause of death are unknown. The mystery goes even deeper, however, when a small scrap of paper is found in a pocket of the man’s clothing, with the printed line: Tamam Shud.


The Dyatlov Pass Incident

The Dyatlov Pass Incident, a mysterious event that claimed the lives of nine Russian hikers in 1959 that remains unexplained to this day.

Using legit research materials from both English and Russian sources, in the first part, we tell the full story of the incident, from the events leading up to the fateful night on the slopes of the mountain of the dead to the autopsy reports months later.


Burke & Hare: The Westport Murders

The story of William Burke and William Hare, two Irish men living in Edinburgh in 1827, who spied an opportunity to make money through murder. Now known as simply the Burke and Hare murders or The West Port Murders, this is dark history that took advantage of a very unique and grisly opportunity.


The Enfield Poltergeist Story

The true story of the Enfield Poltergeist. A haunting in a British family during the 1970s, still today Britains most famous haunting. This story would become the inspiration for several TV shows and also the film The Conjuring 2.

In part one, we are introduced to the Hodgson family and after some disruption in the house, including knocking on walls and items being thrown about, investigators are called in.


Jack the Ripper: The Whitechapel Murders

For our first ever episode, we go big with the complete story of Jack the Ripper, one of England most notorious ever killers and infamous all over the world. With only five canonical murders, he wasn’t the most prolific serial killer in history, but his reign terrorised East London in 1888 and his identity has been a mystery ever since.