In this episode, we take a look at a mystery that is local to me, the dark and winding story of the satanic and occult practices rumoured to take place in the Clapham Wood area in Sussex, UK. Linked with strange disappearances, bizarre phenomena and more seriously, four mysterious deaths.

Clapham Wood Wikipedia page – Super short and pointless link, but it’s Wikipedia innit.

Charles Walkers website – At least I think it’s run by Charles Walker. It has a forum and Charles makes appearances now and then to talk about Clapham. Also has details of his other investigations.

Amazon – The Demonic Connection – An expensive resource, but one that has a ton of local history and information on everything spoken about in this episode. Undeniably the source of any writing on the web that details the Clapham mysteries. It goes a little off the deep end, but is worth a read as it’s short and the local folklore and history sections are great. Probably not worth the steep prices, if you can find it cheap (I got mine for a lot less) it’s worth a go.

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