Come join us over on Discord and get involved in the community! Over on Discord, we talk about all manner of things, from theories to random strange things we find on the web, from bigfoot to herds of cows from outer space. All our Live Streams are ran through Discord, so if you fancy getting involved there, then Discord is the place to be. We’re a Friendly bunch and everyone is free to join and talk in a non-judgmental, pressure free environment. The community is free to join, completely self-moderated and just totally cool, so why not right?


what is discord ?

Discord is a place where everyone is free to setup and create communities for anything you can think of! You can imagine it like a mix between Skype, Reddit, or a forum, with separate rooms for different chats, like episode talk, episode requests, a room for sharing interesting stories we find on the web and for talking about podcasts of course!

Isn't it just for gamers ?

Not at all! Whilst true it started for the purpose of giving multiplayer gamers a place to organise their games, it has since found an entirely different purpose and now you can find discord communities for almost any topic on the web. Each “server” or group is seperate, so it’s easy to organise your communities in one place.

how about these live streams ?

The Dark Histories live streams take place on YouTube bi-weekly, however they are entirely run through Discords built in video and voice chat. We also organise the time and date for each stream in Discord, so if you want to join in, Discord is definitely the place to get involved. The streams are a free for all and everyone is invited to join in and leave whenever they like, though places are limited and fall to Patreon members first. If you’d rather take part without being on the stream itself, you can watch and use the text chat over on YouTube too! You can find the Dark Histories YouTube channel here.

what do i need ?

Just yourself! You can use Discord directly in your web browser, though I would recommend the app if you’re on mobile, or the free Discord software if you’re on PC/Mac as they offer more options, it’s also just all round easier to use. Both the app and the software are free to download from the Discord website and once you have an account setup, you’re ready to go. Hit the button below for an invite to the Dark Histories group and blam, you’re in! You might want to dip your toe into the introductions channel at first, just to say hi and get a feel for the place!


We run a bi-weekly live stream on YouTube which we use to discuss the latest episode and more often than not, veer wildly off-topic. The streams are a fun casual way to connect, have very litle structure and are intended as more of a hangout than any sort of episode. It is freeand (hopefully) easy for anyone to join, which you can do in two ways:

  1. You can type in the text chat, everyone on the stream will be keeping an eye and chatting with everyone in the chat.
  2. You can jump onto the stream and join in with voice and/or video chat! The stream is intended as a free for all, where you’re welcome to come and go as you please. All are welcome! I try to keep the barrier for entry as low as possible to allow everyone to join in if they like, however we’re currently limited to 5 members on stream at one time. If you’d like to join in on the stream, but are unsure how, check out the below instructions, but honestly, it’s super easy! 
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