In 1943, four young boys, out poaching in Hagley Wood Came across a large Wych Elm. One of the boys begun climbing the tree to look for birds eggs. He looked down to find the tree was hollow. Inside the blackness of the broad trunk there was no trace of any nests, instead he saw a human skull staring blankly back at him.

Josefjakobs.info – A lifelong project into researching the life of Josef Jakobs by his Granddaughter. This blog has numerous posts concerning Bella in the Wych Elm and has some absolute gems of information and a ton of fascinating resources. She also straightens out many misconceptions and repeated falsehoods, often through discoveries unearthed by her own research.

Wikipedia – Always a good starting point to nail down many facts of the case.

Amazon – Murder by Witchcraft – Not a great book all told but it’s one of the few. The writer addresses both Bella in the Wych Elm and Charles Walton, but unfortunately, is not known for his historical accuracy. Even I know that many of his ‘facts’ concerning Charles Walton are pure bullshit. However, it’s one of the few books on the case if you like to have books.

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