The Rise & Fall of Spring Heeled Jack



Victorian England, an age of great industry, enlightenment, of learning and of advancement. Equally, it was the age of spiritualism, parapsychology, and restrictive social practices. In the chaotic streets of the suburbs of London, the first Victorian Urban Legend was waiting to be born, beating out Sweeney Todd by a full 9 years, Spring Heeled Jack brewed in the fears of an uncertain populace and burst onto the scene, metal claw and all, stirring a sensation that was far too ripe for anyone to ignore. His was a legend that was overshadowed by only one other when in 1888, Jack the Ripper scribbled his name in blood on the back of a postcard.

Amazon – The Legend of Spring Heeled Jack: Victorian Urban Folklore & Popular Cultures – A pretty heavy, but excellent book on the Legend that digs into the cultural aspects of the creation of Jack.

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