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Dark Histories: Yesterday, Today is the name of the new short format, companion podcast that releases daily, Monday - Friday, alongside the main bi-weekly Dark Histories Podcast. 

Yesterday, Today goes back to a parallel date in history from the dawn of newspapers, until the dawn of the 20th Century to bring you historical and cultural tidbits and oddities, stories of interest, humour, the bizarre and the downright strange. I hope you'll enjoy listening to them as little doses of daily intrigue and they'll bring you as much amusement (or bemusement) as they have always brought to me.

If you're subscribed to the main podcast already, you don't have to do a thing, episodes of Yesterday, Today will be delivered to your podcatcher automatically. If you're not yet subscribed to The Dark Histories Podcast, you can find all the most popular subscription sources via the Subscription link in the menu, including iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play as well as multiple Android options.

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