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Dark Histories tells the stories of some of our darkest moments, deepest mysteries and strangest happenings, from large cultural events to smaller, localised legends. I aim to write in an interesting, hopefully, entertaining way, but maintain integrity to the facts and be as informative as possible. The stories are all based on either primary, credible sources or drilled down through research to be as close as possible to the primary.

Butterly logo from the main page was illustrated by Courtney Donkersteeg, you can find her on Instagram @eyesofenigma



I’m Ben, a hair stylist in the main, with an academic background in history and Social Sciences. As a teenager, I was a fan of The X-Files, The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits and later, all manner of the fringe elements of society that bring colour and shade to our world.

Endlessly curious, you could call me a sceptic, but I’m certainly not a cynic and I love the possibilities of the strange. I live with my cat in Brighton where I was born and raised, nestled up against the rolling hills of the South Downs of England. It’s a beautiful, welcoming and thoroughly diverse city, steeped in fantastical history.

Aside from Dark Histories, I also write and produce MOYA, a weekly, episodic fiction podcast.