In 1946, The American twin city of Texarkana was plunged into the depths of panic and fear. The population of the postwar suburb was subjected to a series of murders that shook the dual cities to their core, prompting curfews, rumours and unease to spread through the area like the rail tracks that crept from it’s central hub. Nights of midnight movies, drive-in cafes, the songs of Duke Ellington and big band orchestras were perforated with tales of a man with a white sheet over his head, holes cut out for eyes, performing brutal executions upon the vulnerable and unexpecting.

Amazon – The Texarkana Moonlight Murders, Michael newton – Good book on the case.

Amazon – The Phantom killer – Good book on the case, leans towards Swinney as a suspect heavily.

YouTube – A couple of good talks on the case on John Tennisons channel, drilling into the circumstantial evidence surrounding the suspects and a little more on Henry Booker Tennison

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