We take a look at Roch Theriault, the brutal leader of the Canadian cult, The Ant Hill Kids. More than mere eccentric, Theriault brutally abused his followers in the name of God, going to depths of depravity that is rarely seen even for this podcast.

Wikipedia – Wiki on Roch Theriualt & The Ant Hill Kids.

Amazon – Savage Messiah (Paul Kaihlah, Ross Laver) – Good book detailing the ins and outs of The Ant Hill Kids. Doesn’t really delve into the psychology of it all, but it does give a good in-depth account of the cult.

Amazon – The Cult Files (Chris Mikul) – More of a compendium on a bunch of cults that gives a brief overview of each, though the Ant Hill Kids section is detailed enough and has a bunch of other interesting cults to read about too.

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