Lord Lucan, a name of considerable infamy, not as a member of the aristocracy, but for the murder of his children’s nanny in a house in the elitist district of Belgravia, London in 1973 and his subsequent disappearance. It was a story that the press went to town on, a classic us vs them tale of Class superiority and those that would seek to protect the hierarchy at all costs, but how much of it was based on truth and how much just a convenient narrative for the journalists that covered the case? It was a case that was launched into mythical status after the Lord himself vanished without trace, leaving a question that runs until today. Where in the world is Lord Lucan?

A Different Class of Murder – Laura Thompson: This is a pretty good, up to date book on the whole Lucan affair. Some might find it a bit Pro-Lucan, or a little Anti-Veronica at least, but all in it’s solid and had a revised second edition last year, so is bang up to date.

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